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Come Together, Go Explore: Welcome to the TECHNIA Software PLMIF

In this opening session, we welcome the CEO of TECHNIA, Magnus Falkman, to the stage to introduce today's agenda and featured speakers and outline what to expect from the event.
  • Magnus Falkman (CEO, TECHNIA)
  • Marcus Larsson (Director Software & Global Services, TECHNIA)
  • Martin Nölle (Director Software & Global Services, TECHNIA)
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A Global Systems Strategy for Quality Model Plant Rollout

  • Ron Mayka (Senior IT Project Manager, Coorstek)
  • Abdullah Hassouneh (Global Quality Senior Business Process Manager (eQMS), Coorstek)
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Delivering Enhanced Productivity by Integrating Cloud-Based Enterprise Systems

In this session, Shiv Tailor will describe the exciting and ambitious journey that Volta Trucks have embarked on as an EV start-up specialising in mid-sized commercial vehicles. He will outline the fully cloud-based digital business environment they are building and already using and discuss the benefits & challenges of integrating enterprise systems whilst growing a 21st century EV business from the ground-up.
  • Shiv Tailor (Process and PLM Manager, Volta Trucks)
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Introducing Q-Checker into a Start-up for Effective Concurrent Engineering

How can Q-Checker help to streamline the collaboration with a car maker from a major supplier perspective? Discover how using an advanced check tool like Q-checker in the business process ensures ‘ready-to-use’ CATIA data.
  • Ingo Bleyer (Quality Engineer PLM, AVL List GmbH)
  • Klaus Zamazal (Skill Team Leader, AVL List GmbH)
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Accelerating Product Change Deployment Through Effective PLM Integrations at TOMRA Food

Join Guest Speaker Nico Bens, PLM Program Owner at TOMRA Food, to understand how they have been able to successfully deploy product changes more quickly through integrating CAD and ERP with their PLM Platform.
  • Nico Bens (PLM Program Owner, TOMRA Food)
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The Importance of Efficient & Structured Supplier Collaboration

  • Alan Cherrington (COO , Integral Powertrain)
  • James Goodale (Business Development, TECHNIA)
13:00 - 16:00 CET

Parallel Tracks

Enrich and Automate Your 3D Data

3D as the Universal Language of Engineering (Model-Based Definition)
Live now

Speaker(s): Arnd Feye (TECHNIA) Thomas Giffels (TECHNIA) Marc Schoeffler (Ford Motors Corporation)

Enhancing MDB with TECHNIA Software
Live now

Speaker(s): Arnd Feye (TECHNIA) Thomas Giffels (TECHNIA)

Simplifying the Process of Vehicle Compliance with CAVA and LiteCar
Live now

Speaker(s): Wolfgang Klemm (TECHNIA)

Maximising the Value of Your PLM Platform

In-app User Guidance to Accelerate On-boarding and Increase Productivity
Live now

Speaker(s): Anders Axelsson (TECHNIA) Regula Mueller (B. Braun Group) Moderator(s): Marcus Larsson (TECHNIA)

Gaining Speed, Efficiency and Adoption in 3DEXPERIENCE Using TECHNIA's Value Components - Part 1
Live now

Speaker(s): Anders Axelsson (TECHNIA) Katja Maria Bittman (ARLA) Moderator(s): Marcus Larsson (TECHNIA)

Gaining Speed, Efficiency and Adoption in 3DEXPERIENCE Using TECHNIA's Value Components - Part 2
Live now

Speaker(s): Anders Axelsson (TECHNIA) Piyush Saini (TECHNIA) Tibor Slavkosky (TECHNIA) Moderator(s): Marcus Larsson (TECHNIA)

Get More Value Out of Your Enterprise System Integrations
Live now

Speaker(s): Erik Vikström (TECHNIA) Stefan Tärnblom (TECHNIA)

Take Control Over Your PLM with Platform Intelligence & Profiler
Live now

Speaker(s): Claude Tsarafidy (TECHNIA) Hans-Olav Kalleberg (KONGSBERG)

PLM Trends & Updates to Watch Out For

The Future of Managing Complex CAx Environments with myPLM
Live now

Speaker(s): Jan Heger (TECHNIA)

What Benefits Will Advances in Artificial Intelligence Bring to PLM?
Live now

Speaker(s): Saurabh Kumar (TECHNIA)

Consistent Data Approach with 3DEXPERIENCE for EBOM, MBOM, Configuration and Change Management
Live now

Speaker(s): Achim Simon (TECHNIA)

The Future of Supplier Collaboration: Exchange Hub
Live now

Speaker(s): James Goodale (TECHNIA) Hans Sjöbom (Cytiva) Marta Perez (TECHNIA)

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